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    Sandeep Kumar Dev


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    Dhundi Prasad Niraula


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    Bakhat Bahadur Shahi

    Managing Director

About NHCL

The Nalsing Gad Storage Project is being developed by Nalgad Hydropower Company Limited (NHCL).


The vision of Nalgad Hydropower Company Limited (NHCL) is to make a storage hydropower plant for developing nation and its economic growth.


  1. To adapt global best practices for construction of high dam.
  2. To develop, build, own and operate storage hydropower project.
  3. To carry out and operate project in a cost effective way and socio-economically and environmental friendly manner.
  4. To improve the lives of local and provincial people of Karnali Province.


The Nalgad Hydropower Company Limited (NHCL) sets the goal of generating hydroelectricity from the construction of Nalgadstorage hydropower project.