Project Location

Nalsing Gad storage Hydroelectric Project is located in Jajarkot District in the mid western development region of Nepal between longitude 82°14'00''E-82°19'12''E and Latitude 28°47'28''N-28°58'00''N. Nalsing Gad is a tributary of the Bheri River in the Karnali Basin. The dam site of the project is located just downstream of the confluence of the Udheri Khola which is approximately 9.25 km upstream from the confluence of the Nalsing Gad and the Bheri –River and the powerhouse was identified at the right bank Bheri –River. Due to the adverse geological condition, the powerhouse location is shifted to that left bank of Nalsing Gad river.

Nalsing Gad Storage Hydroelectric Project does not have motorable access till now. Khalanga being, the district headquarters with the national road network. Presently this road has been extended up to Rinna village located on the right bank of Bheri River.A bridge over Bheri River will be required to reach the Powehouse site. Additional 25 km of project road between powerhouse sites. Additional 25 km of project road between powerhouses to headwork will also be required for the project Construction.

Apart from Chhinchhu-Jajarkot Feeder road, Middle Hill Lok Marg and Puspa Lal Marg (Dolpa Rajmarg) are also being constructed in the vicinity of the project area. Middle Hill Lok marg Start from Dang- Musikot –Rati Village and goes upto the Proposed Powerhouse of Nalsyaugad Hydropower Project. Another road network being constructed in vicinity of Nalsyaugad Hydropower Project is Dolpa Rajmarga which is known as Pusapa Lal Marga as well .This road starts from Salli Bazer and end at the Dunai .Several options seem to be available to access the project area. Therefore, the detailed design study of the access road with alternative will be carried out and finalize the most feasible route to the project area in coming fiscal year.